Friends pass with a legacy of volunteering and giving to PET

PET MO-Columbia update 3-14-16
PETs built since 1-1-16 # 304

This morning I was at the memorial service for Doris Black, the widow of
one of our earlier PET volunteers. Fourteen years ago her husband, Curtis
“Bud” Black, became a PET volunteer. He assembled PET front ends, and a
work space here still has a sign denoting it as “Bud’s Place”. Doris and
Bud were a team in their community and church work. They were members of
The Wilkes Blvd. United Methodist Church, one of the first congregations
in this town. I remember Bud talking about the work he did to keep that
older building in good condition. It is now a drop-in center for homeless
persons and a feeding center for the hungry, as well as a worshiping
congregation; I worshiped there last Sunday.

Bud and Doris were rather typical PET volunteers who worked for good
causes all their lives, and late in life discovered PET and developed a
passion for it. The memorials for Doris are directed to PET. As were
Bud’s when he passed in 2007. I talked with the children and
grandchildren of Doris and Bud. They all knew about PET. Doris and Bud
left behind a legacy, saying to their family, “Care about the “least of
these” in the world.” Our children need our values more than our


SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: If, after you die, your children and
grandchildren were asked, “What values did they leave for you?”, what will
their answer be?

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia

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