PET founder visits metal parts makers where they work

PET MO-Columbian update 3-7-16
PETs built since 1-1-16 #289

TWO THINGS happened last week that made it special for me. It is a great
joy for an old man like me when I see some of the things I have given my
life for continuing to do that for which they were intended. Don
O’Bannon, is a long-time PET volunteer and is the one who supervises much
of our metal work. He spent his life as an engineer with some major
companies across our land. He invited me to go with him to visit two of
our volunteers who provide metal parts from their shops.

We visited Charlie Kribbs of Centralia in his shop. He does general
shop work for local people. He is a man of ingenuity, and has built an
amazing fork lift of his own design. His love and dedication to PET was

John Skinner, of Mexico, MO, has been of special help to us through his
shop, his skills and his dedication. Unfortunately, he experienced a
stroke a few months ago and is moving along well in the recovery
process. We met in his home, and his love for PET was touching. He and
I talked of the legacy of values we hope to leave for others.

On the way back Don took me by his home area, including going by the
one-room school he attended. It was a good day for me.


FRIDAY, here at 1908 Heriford, The Container Project loaded out a 40′
container of mission items for Rainbow Network’s mission in Nicaragua. On
board were thousands of boxes of good, used clothing and shoes, PETs,
school supplies, books, sports equipment, a special wheelchair, a large
new electrical generator, about 100 volunteer made school desks, chairs,
tools, kitchen supplies, and more. An energetic group from Veterans United
Home Loans provided the labor to load.

Dr. Lucy Sauer, a member of a major donor family, was in town and I
brought her over to see first hand what their generosity was
accomplishing. She agreed with my comment that ‘A LOT OF LOVE GOES


“Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something,
and has lost something.” – H. J. Brown, Jr.

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia

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