We lost friend who sent PET reports for 7 years

PET MO-Columbia update 3-1-16
PETs built since 1-1-16 #234

PET lost Faythe: Word came to us that Faythe Ann Jaroska had died January
29. She died instantly in a traffic accident. Faythe was the long-time
office manager for the Orphan Grain Train, a wonderful NGO with a Lutheran
foundation and based in Norfolk, NE. She retired in 2015. Some 8 years
ago we started shipping PETs to them for their worldwide distribution of
items for mission work. I have always been one who likes personal,
handshake deals, and felt a need to go meet the folks firsthand and
“check-em out.” One of my board, Roger, and I made the trip. My notes and
papers were carried in a nice light grey portfolio.

When we entered we were greeted by Faythe Jaroska who, with the
director who was my age, ran the mission. As we entered, I saw her
winter coat laying over a chair. It was the exact same color as my
portfolio. We were having problems getting photos and reports from
PETs in the field, so I made a deal with Faythe. “I’ll give you this
portfolio to match your coat. But if you ever stop sending reports of
PETs, I want my portfolio back.”

In the ensuing years we have sent them many PETs, and gotten back
reports. They have just last week requested a full truck load of PETs.
The name of Faythe Ann Jaroska will be added to the memorial plaque by
our office door. I will miss knowing that she was there, carrying
around a light grey portfolio.

OGT Celebration Andrews Clayton.xxx and West Mel Oct2012(See attached picture of the 2 founders when Mel attended OGT’s annual celebration in 2012. Also a combined report of 2 stories Faythe Ann sent in 2009. It shows the broad reach of the OGT from central America to eastern Europe. Kathy)


Treated wood really lasts: When I began building the wooden beds for PETs
I knew they would be in humid and hot climates, and often left in the
rain. So, working with our local lumber yard and a fellow named Steve we
found lumber from Arkansas that was yellow pine, kiln dried, treated, and
kiln dried again. It is knotless and makes an attractive PET. It is
quality, and “we do not treat the poor poorly.”

Gary, our Executive Director, was recently in The Ivory Coast evaluating
PET shipments and reported “In regards to the PETs, the treated lumber
after 5 years was in excellent condition. The untreated and painted lumber
in PETs failed miserably.” We called Steve at the lumber company to thank

Go to http://www.giftofmobility.org now and donate to help buy more treated
lumber for PET production.


*** “Quality is best measured by those who use a product, rather than by
those who make it.” Hunter Thompson-1958

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia

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