PET International’s Executive Director goes on his first distribution trip!

L to R: Von Driggs, Director of Operations; Scott Walters, new Executive Director; Jim Conn, Board Chairman; and Dave Ramsey seated on PET #50,000

Our new Executive Director is experiencing PET in Guatemala this week. The team is being hosted by Hope Haven International, a distribution partner since 2000. They distribute mobility (including PETs) worldwide. In Guatemala they have a wheelchair production shop. Because of the proximity to the US and hosting abilities, two to three PET teams go there a year. HHI makes for an excellent partner because not only do they help us distribute the PET carts to those in need but they also employ those who are disabled to help us assemble the carts and distribute them. On these trips, volunteers participate in mobility distributions and other tasks to help those in need. Here are some pictures of the team and a wide shot of the Hope Haven Int’l production facility.

HHI wheelchair production shop
L to R: Marge, Barbara Moran (PET Int’l Board Secretary), Dorothy and Evelyn sorting vitamins and medications to be distributed to families in need in the provinces of Guatemala throughout the week.

Please pray for them as they work and travel this week. Watch our website for future distribution trip announcements at

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