MH4H: PET Team – Mighty Enough to Ignite the Sun

(follow up after MH4H: days giving mobility in Haiti and MH4H: PET Team – The Gift of Mobility Multiplied excerpted from PET Team – Mighty Enough to Ignite the Sun)

A week of P.E.T. deliveries has very much changed lives in Haiti. Nichole Coe shares her final thoughts as the PET team wrap up their trip.

Summarizing the week in Haiti; for everyone who has been here, you understand the daunting task. While I was preparing how I could wrap up the tasks, I was lead back to my morning devotional which stated: “If your God is mighty enough to ignite the sun, could it be he is mighty enough to light your path?” God not only made our paths bright he put a light on the path of everyone we were able to pass blessings too.

Trying to capture a few moments that have made lasting impressions was very difficult, however we quickly started to list the moments where God put his thumbprint. A small list consists of giving a P.E.T. to a 6 year old girl who can now attend school independently, giving a P.E.T. to an elderly man who can now gain back his independence, getting a hug from a shy little child, and knowing that you don’t need to speak the same language to share God’s love.

What a gift!
She is so excited!
Pete and Bryce are teaching her to use the P.E.T.
Her mom guiding and teaching her

Tomorrow we head home with a full heart, a few bruises and many sore muscles. Tim Van Maanen may have a few more sore spots after trying to jump out of the truck which quickly turned into him falling out of the truck. Thankfully he has no scrapes and was able to take the ribbing from the cooks and friends!

Thank you for your many prayers and for assisting us follow the path God placed at our feet. See you all soon!

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