150 children in India receive Gifts of Mobility

From Ishwar Naik:

Priya no longer crawls home from school, thanks to you and her PET Gift of Mobility

It all started in February of 2011. I was in India for assisting with my father’s knee replacement surgery. After successful procedure he was recovering at home and I was traveling in the surrounding area. This is when I spotted little Priya, going home from her school, crawling on the side of road. Somehow I decided to help her in her mobility. My father’s surgeon Dr. Joshi agreed to provide surgical solution. However after a few tests he decided that surgical procedures for Priya were too risky. Naturally we were all disappointed.

I came back to Michigan and while watching CBS News, came across this organization where a bunch of retired guys were making this contraption for people like Priya. I followed up and found that there was an affiliate no more than 10 miles from us. Additional inquiries put me in touch with Mr. Von Driggs who was more than happy to facilitate obtaining a child PET for me to take to India with me. I was able to carry a box containing a child PET with me as a checked baggage. Delta Airline was kind enough to let me carry this oversize box at no charge. We assembled the PET in my house and handed it to Priya (February 2012). Since Priya had good upper body strength, she had no difficulty with driving and steering this colorful PET made by our friends in Holland, Michigan.

I took another child PET, this one made in Holland as well, for an eight year old boy, Dhruv. He was not as proficient in driving his PET as Priya was, but we thought he would get better as he spends more time driving it.

Von Driggs had told me when I took the second one that PET International can provide a lot more PETS if there was a need in India. He also explained the roles and responsibilities of PET International, Sponsoring organizations, and local partners.

…  the full story (PDF) … Child Mobility India

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It was a long and exhausting 3 years but it finally happened and was gratifying to see smile on faces of children when they start cranking their little PETs around. I know the need is still there and we will be asked to repeat the process all over again. I am hoping that the duty free exemption will be easier to obtain now that FPH has gone through the process. Both FPH and GST will need to exhaust their inventory before we start thinking about the next shipment.

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