Disability parade and event for the disabled in Sierra Leone

Report on PET International activities at the International Day for
Persons with Disabilities in Makeni, Sierra Leone, December 3rd and 4th

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The main activities were a march through the streets of Makeni up to the
local stadium for individuals with disabilities, representatives of
disabled persons organizations, non-governmental organizations working
with and on behalf of persons with disabilities, local authorities from
Makeni, interested and philanthropic individuals and organizations
within and outside Makeni. The marchers had colorful banners and I took
the opportunity to march along for almost the entire distance of 2
miles. See photographs from the march posted here.

There was the usual speech giving ceremony with a guest speakers. The
President of Sierra Leone was to give the keynote address but he was
represented by the Secretary to the cabinet which proved to be a
disappointment to the all the persons with disabilities and NGOs that

However, this event offered the opportunity to meet and discuss the
proposed PET containers with interested individuals who can help
contribute to this mobility initiative.

Ibrahim Richard Bangura,
PET Mobility Project Liaison
Sierra Leone, West Africa

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