PET carts again bring mobility to paralyzed divers in Puerto Lempira, La Mosquitia Honduras

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I would like to share this PET distribution report and photos from my
co-laborer Missionary Bill Ryan in La Mosquitia North Coast Honduras.
What he said is powerful. What a Blessing! I miss not being there for
this event. I have shared tears of joy with many of these men in the
past. Life is so different and difficult in this remote region. The
salt in the air and ground and all the sand rust and rot and wear down
these pets in three or four years time.

This container of PETs (160) was built by volunteers with donated
materials at PET San Antonio Texas and then loaded aboard the Dole
Columbia container ship bound for Puerta Castillo Honduras and then
transported to Jim Taylor’s Mission Center and Warehouse in Trujiillo for
distribution. 25 of these PETs were trucked from Trujillo to La
Ceiba and then rode for 24 hours in a small cargo ship (the AMY J) to
Puerto Lempira, La Mosquitia. . They were then offloaded into small
canoes, taken to shore and assembled and donated to paralyzed lobster
divers. See Photos.

Thank you Bill for taking the gift of mobility to the finish line and
representing Tom Martin and all those at PET who built them. Also
Linda Hawley, Lucila Gamero and others at Dole for giving these PETs
ocean transportation aboard the Dole Columbia and those who
sacrificially give of their resources to finance this.

_Hi Richard – Happy new year to you too! _

_Yes I have lots of photos and sheets filled out. We have given out 17
of the PETS so far. We are saving some of the PETs for the guys who
live way out there. We are planning to travel to an area near to where
they live. As you know most of these guys are surviving with the help
of a family member, and for most, to travel into Puerto Lempira is an
expensive trip for them. So we will try to contact them and have a
place to meet somewhat near to where they live._

_All of the guys were so grateful and thankful. They all send greetings
and blessings to you. Many of the guys were stuck in their houses.
They were unable to leave to find work or visit with their friends. One
guy told me the following, it kind of sums up the situation they are
in…he said, “I can at least get out of my house now and beg in the
streets.” Your PETs have brought happiness and hope to a very forgotten
group of men. _

_1 million thank you s! May the Lord richly bless you and your family
this new year._

_Bill Ryan_
_World Gospel Mission _
_Puerto Lempira, Honduras_

Richard Schommer
Arms of Mercy

March 2011: PET partner Arms of Mercy goes the extra mile to deliver mobility to Mosquitia paralyzed lobster divers

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