15 year old Carmen receives a PET in Ecuador

PET MO-Columbia update 1-11-16

PET sighting in the Kiwanis Magazine:

A retired couple who are our neighbors at the Lenoir Senior Center are
also Kiwanians and generous donors to PET. When they received their
January issue of the Kiwanis Magazine they spotted a PET story in it and
passed the magazine along to me.

The setting is in the Ecuadorian province of Esmeraldas, in a town
called Atacames: A 15 year old girl named Carmen is a lot like other girls
her age. She likes to read. She enjoys music. Her notebooks are covered in
doodles and magazine photos of American boy bands.

But she is a little different. She was born with a condition called
arthrogyposis, meaning her muscles, tendons and soft tissue are weak,
shortened and deformed. At birth her legs were turned in and she was
unable to extend them.

One day when she was at the beach a man noticed Carmen struggling to
crawl. She wore sandals on her knees and used the back of her wrists to
more forward. He is a member of a Kiwanis Club that offers free medical
assistance to those who cannot afford it. A PET was found for Carmen
and the story has three photos of her on it. In the meantime an
organization has helped to build a small addition to the house so that
Carman can move about on her PET.

Carmen has had the first of seven surgeries to correct her condition.
This is a story of good people and good organizations pitching in the
help a young woman who otherwise would have had a miserable and
unproductive life. PET is a proud part of that effort.

It is a story of an older PET still in use. Here is the story and here is the full issue.

New PETs ship to Ecuador.

Ecuador JdBdG distribution.xxx families and workers in Quito June2015Ecuador JdBdG man on PET in Quito.xxx June2015

#175 PETs go to Ecuador from PET MO-Columbia Dec. 2014. We filled a first time shipment to a new distribution partner, Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil. Attached are some reports and pictures of distribution in 2015 also in Quito mentioned in the Kiwanis magazine.

Ecuador Junta de Beneficencia de.xxx Guayaquil article magzn June2015

Ecuador Junta de Beneficencia de.xxx Guayaquil article magzn June2015 Google translated

“Justice is what love looks like in public.” – Cornel West

Mel West, Director Emeritus


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