PET photos and message from 4 HIM in Togo, West Africa

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President of 4Him, Reverend Steve, All members of 4Him and All sponsors of the Free Sowing School “WORK FOR CHRIST”, PET Association” on behalf of my family and members of the Christ Mission Church International / Eglis Mission Internationale Du Christ and the committees of the sowing School wish you all with your respective families a blessed New Year in your families, works and your ministries in Jesus Name.


October through December was a busy time for all Pastors, thus organizing prayers and revivals for the Lord to reveal our respective weak points for us to examine our conscience as to confess our sins as to help us to renew our mind or to transform our mindset from bad to good for the Lord to bless us with His grace mercy and peace in this year 2016. This delayed me from giving you a report about the third cripple who was blessed with the Personal Energy Transport.on 31st December, my date of birth. I was 64 on that blessed day which everybody celebrate in the whole world.

We prayed and the Lord directed me and my wife to a cripple Muslim. His name is Seidu. He comes from Niger, so he is not a Togolese. He got crippled when he was very young about 2years. He goT sick but he got an attack from bad injection from the doctor. Afriend Niger man brough him all the way down to Togo. He is 42 years. He is halfly a deaf and hafly a dum. Report.. His farther and mother are dead.

Seidu does not have a home to sleep. He sleeps at the Muslim temple. I have attached his photos for you to see. After this email I will send you the videos of Keve-Seve Kpota crippled man and that of Seidu.

Seidu’s Appreciation
The Niger Muslim man in the picture of me, my wife and Siedu spoke on behalf of Siedu to thank the Pet association, the president of 4Him and all members of 4Him for the Lord to improve your businesses and your ministries and for the Lord to open His doors of blessing abundantly for you all.


May the Lord touch the hearts of people to support 4Him, PET Association and to bless your respective businesses in Jesus Name. Shalom
Pastor James and his family.

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