The Word is Out — PETs are In

MosesSwaziland (in southern Africa) July, 2015
PET Ministries, Inc. Wheatfield, IN with
The Luke Commission, Compassionate Medicine

Word gets around in rural Swaziland, not by television or email or phone maybe, . . . but it does get around!

Moses Mtuli heard about something called a PET.

For English-speaking folks that stands for Personal Energy Transportation. For SiSwati-speaking individuals it’s just PET – a rather strange-looking cart that enables the disabled to get from one place to another.

“I heard about PET, when The Luke Commission was over there,” Mtuli said, waving his hand toward the other side of a nearby mountain. “I wanted to come see.”

Mtuli had a stroke last year. At 75 years, he can no longer walk, but he does have strong arms. He does not have a wheelchair.

After being assessed by a TLC doctor as a great candidate for a new PET cart from PET-Demotte in Indiana, Mtuli watched and waited as the cart was assembled and fitted to his physique.

“I like this, because I don’t need someone to push. I can move this myself,” he said. “It is sturdy. I will go far.”

Married and the father of nine children, two have died, Mtuli had never come to a Luke Commission outreach before. Maybe he hadn’t needed TLC . . . at least before today.

“Thank you,” he said. “Please continue building more of these, . . . . please.”

———by Janet Tuinstra for The Luke Commission,
giving thanks to God for the PET volunteers in Wheatfield, Indiana,
and donors from across the US


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