PET cart distribution in N.E. Benin, for the 2015 International Day for Persons with Handicaps

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Thanks for your patience. We started off quickly with our distribution in April shortly after the arrival of the container but it took us a while to get the distribution done in the north. There were several obstacle in reaching the most needy parts of the nation. I am not surprised as I have found that to the extent that the people’s needs are
great, the greater the effort needed to get to them. This was the case in Kandi a city in the far North East of Benin where we distributed 40 PETs on Dec 3, the International Day for Persons with Handicap. The are so many people in the area who desperately need mode of transport suitable to their mobility needs. The PET carts are perfect for this
rural area. The recipients were very grateful for the wheels on the carts that could not be punctured. The joy was great for those who got a PET but there were many who still need one.

I have a contact in the Ministry of Family and the Persons Handicap who is a tremendous help and resource person to point me to the areas of greatest need. She is writing PET a note of thanks which I will send in another message. Photos will be sent in several emails. Thanks again and God bless you.

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