“Oh, if I could have …”


 PET Ministries, Inc., Wheatfield, IN with
The Luke Commission, Compassionate Medicine
July, 2015

Ntombikayise1“Oh, if I could have one of those…” said Ntombikayise, glancing longingly at a PET cart being assembled at a Luke Commission outreach.

Ntombikayise Noma Matsenjwa could not walk. She was born with club feet that were never corrected, although they could have been fixed if Ntombikayise’s family had money, or been closer to medical care.

She crawled on her hands and knees. Her father bought her soccer shin guards in Johannesburg to protect her knees, and she wore shoes on her hands. She seldom saw her father—he lived in South Africa.

Ntombikayise2Ntombikayise lived close to the school where TLC’s mobile hospital was being held that day. “I was up early, early this morning to be one of the first people here,” she said.

How did she get there? On her hands and knees, of course. Was this her first TLC outreach? Yes.

Dr. Harry treated her rash and ordered an x-ray to test for tuberculosis. It was negative. TLC gave her a pair of leather gloves for her hands to replace the worn shoes she used on her hands.

Ntombikayise3Not married, but the mother of a 16-year-old boy, Ntombikayise shared a homestead with a brother and his three children, and a sister and her two children.

How did Ntombikayise get food and necessities? She shook her head slightly, looked down, and answered: “I buy and sell Nik-Naks (small bags of chips).” But that was for another day, another time.

This day, Ntombikayise received her PET and learned how to drive it. “Watch me!” she said, as she pedaled the cart with her strong arms and hands.

When she left the outreach, it was with a grin and a wave, as she called back “I will go everywhere now!”

—— by Janet Tuinstra for The Luke Commission, with gratitude to Personal Energy Transportation affiliates in the U.S. and to all those volunteers who spend their retirement years serving others——


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