Why the Wests GIVE to PET

PET MO-Columbia update 12-8-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #1,405

Christmas is closing in on us. I changed the CDs in our auto today to
Christmas tunes, and Barbara is finishing the writing of our
“end-of-year” checks to some of our favorite missions. As a
fund-raiser I am always interested in why people donate, so thought it
might be interesting if I summed up the motivations for our giving.
Why do we give?

West Mel and Barbara May2014*** Barbara and I both grew up in rural homes during the times of the Big
Depression, Dust-bowl Days, and bank closures. In both of our homes it was
just the “thing to do” to help those who had less. Dollars were scarce but
we gave orphan lambs, runt pigs, bushels of apples, garden produce,
chickens, eggs and whatever we had to somehow level the playing field. We
could not think of someone going hungry when we had food. Sharing is a part of our DNA. (See attached recent picture of them. Kathy)

*** Our churches taught that we were to care about the poor, lifting up
the teachings of Jesus. Even in hard times our churches held dinners and
ice cream socials to raise money for missions. Sharing is a part of our

*** We have seen the need. Barbara and I have both been in Haiti,
Colombia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama, and have seen the
needs first-hand. I have been in a couple of dozen other countries. We
have been in the homes of the desperately poor, eaten at their tables and
worshiped with them in their churches. Sharing is a part of our being
compassionate human beings.

*** We have seen the difference a good mission project can make in the
lives of the poor. We have stories and photos of thousands of our fellow
human beings who were crawling upon the ground as beggars, but immediately
rose to a new life of hope, pride, dignity, comfort and productivity when
they got a PET. We have seen families move from a dirt-floored hovel and
into a decent house they built and soon own. We have seen parasite
infested, hungry, ill-clothed and uneducated children become happy,
healthy children, going to school well clothed, soon to become productive
citizens in this world. We give because it builds a better world, and
makes economic sense.

*** We give because we are a part of a huge human family of some 7.4
billion souls, and we believe in sharing with the family.

*** We give because we want to teach our children and grandchildren the
joy of giving. To our joy, they have followed in our footstep.

That’s why we give. How ’bout you?


“There is no joy in life greater than giving to worthy causes.” – Ted Turner

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia
1908 Heriford Rd.
Columbia, MO 65202


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