Please remember PET on Giving Tuesday and receive a bargain

PET MO-Columbia update 11-30-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #1,370

The mad rush to find bargains is splashed all over our TVs this time of
the year. Some camp out on sidewalks in order to be the first in line to
buy a big TV or some other device. The frenzy is all around the word
“bargain.” The word “bargain” refers to the value received in ratio to
what one pays.

I suggest that real bargains are to be had here at 1908 Heriford,
Columbia, MO. Ten years ago someone sent $250 to purchase a PET for
Seun Oke, a young lady with polio in Nigeria. (She contracted polio in
1995 leading to the inability to walk, subsequently developing into
severe sclerosis, leading to other problems.) Because of that gift,
Seun was able to go through high school on her PET, get a job as a
civil servant, and become independent. We have a video of her in her
apartment, riding her PET as she mopped the floor and washed dishes.
(See 3 min. video link at bottom.) To be able to change her life in
such an amazing way for only $250 was a BARGAIN!!.


We recently sent 194 child sized PETs to India. Each of those will
change the life of a child from the day they receive their PET. What a
BARGAIN!! Those who purchased those PETs can sleep well at night, and
for only $300 (recent cost).

A family came to PET last week with their children. Together they built
a PET and then had a picture taken to put on their Christmas cards.
They left a most generous check, and felt that they had made a BARGAIN!

During December we will receive a lot of checks that are in the name
and honor of a loved one. In looking for gifts for someone who already
“has everything,” folks feel a gift to PET is a BARGAIN!! This is a
custom our family has been following for years. We are bargain-hunters,
and do not have to fight the crowds to do it.


“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

Mel West


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