PET International representatives assist in mobility distribution in Gujarat and Maharashtra, India

IMG_1928PET International board member Dale Dykema and his wife Cathy arrive in
India to assist PET Saline, MI volunteer Ishwar Niak and several other
partner organizations in the distribution of 284 PET carts.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am not sure if I related this information to everybody or not. Please
forgive me if I am repeating myself.

IMG_1934* All 284 PETs have been released and were shipped immediately to the
premises of one of our partners, FPH. ( November 25)
* PET’s India Team ( Dalebhai , Cathyben ) instructed FPH staff in
assembly of one the child PET from Columbia. FPH crew assembled two
others while we were chatting with the senior staff (November 26 )
* India Team visited training classes for the handicapped including
welding, carpentry, textile etc.
IMG_1935* India Team were brought in a special car to Amalsad ( Gujarat ) ,
where they will be staying for a while making new friends.
* Meanwhile, we are trying to line up a trucker to bring half of the
consignment to Kharel where they will be assembled and distributed in a
few days. ( We already have a list of about 48 needy who may be able to
use a PET.)

Thanks for all your help.

Ishwar Naik

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