PET is THANKFUL for all our supporters

puzzlePET MO-Columbia update: 11-17-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #1,336

Give Mobility. Transform Lives. Change Communities.

At this Thanksgiving time of year, we want to say Thank You. So many persons, businesses, churches, and clubs make up our PET puzzle. Below are some examples from Mel.

Please help us make a bigger and better puzzle. Partner with us to build
and ship more rugged mobility for those most in need around the world.
Try out a piece and see how you fit.

Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator


Since 1965 I have been actively engaged in raising money for humanitarian projects- Heifer, Alfalit, ECHO, Habitat, SIFAT, Rainbow Network, CWS, UMCOR, PET, Festival of Sharing, NACCE, UMRF and others. All of those were projects in which I was actively involved, and I could personally authenticate their good work.

In each case I turned to the members of the churches across the land and was not disappointed. When good people hear about the needs of other people, and are assured that the mission is done well, they will respond generously.

Yesterday was an example of that. A couple of months ago I was invited to make a PET presentation at a district gathering of the leaders of the United Church of Christ, in little Grand Pass, MO. A person who was there invited me to come to their UCC Chuch in Levasey, MO. Levasey is a very small village of 82 persons on the Missouri River just east of
Kansas City. PET volunteer, Lloyd Viehland, took me and a PET. They held a “Mission Sunday,” complete with a wonderful pot-luck dinner. I preached a sermon based on the story of the two disciples saying to the crippled beggar at the Temple,”Arise and walk, in the name of Jesus Christ,” and reported how PET continues that work of giving mobility to the handicapped. We came home with a generous donation to PET.


Today we were privileged to host a group of a dozen from the United
Presbyterian Methodist Church of Montgomery City, MO, just an hour up
the road. That group took a tour of our building learning all about PET
and The Container Project, which includes the Sewing Machine Project.
They have been supportive of all those projects for years and went home
even more informed and enthused. They are a people of faith, doing what
their faith directs them to do – to serve those who are not so

If you have a group, church or otherwise, call and arrange for a tour
of our work. A tour takes an hour or a bit more, and we guarantee that
you will be pleased that you came. Free PET rides.


Mel West, PET Director Emeritus

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