PET Carts uplift the disabled at Christian Hospital, Mungeli India

P1030739_JPG.dat“I am here with Anil in Mungeli, and we wanted all to know that 70 PET carts were distributed here at the hospital yesterday to local people who have been crippled by birth defects, disease, and injuries. Most of the recipients had been stricken by polio. The youngest polio victim was 9 years old, and the oldest was over seventy. Many have never had a cart and have spent their lives crawling. Others had been locally-made carts that are heavy, cranked with one hand, and use bicycle tires. Dozens crawled or were carried onto our campus before P1030517_JPG.datyesterday’s ceremony. Almost all left smiling.Those who had been using the locally-made carts agreed the PET carts were much better.

“Our staff and nursing students assembled the carts earlier in the week, and they were then distributed after a ceremony attended by local dignitaries, including the Collector of Mungeli District. It received local tv and newspaper coverage. A huge success.

P1030785_JPG.dat“We anticipate all of the remaining carts will be distributed as word spreads in the local area about their availability. Indeed, a half-dozen more people in need of the carts came to the hospital today.

“Am attaching a few photos. We have a facebook post with more photos scheduled to be appear tomorrow, but wanted you all to know first.

“Many thanks,
Steve Minson
Rambo Committee, Inc.”

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