“I No Longer Walk on My Knees!”

Lucky Mnisi

PET Ministries, Inc. Wheatfield, IN
with The Luke Commission,
Compassionate Medicine
September 21, 2015

LuckyMnisi1Lucky Mnisi “drove” to The Luke Commission outreach in an outermost part of Swaziland on September 21, 2015, in his PET given to him three years ago. His 2 young daughters rode with him.

“I was hoping The Luke Commission could fix my cart,” said Lucky. After assessing the wheels and brakes, TLC staff decided it was better to put Lucky in a new cart.

Suzanne lost her mother Cyndy to cancer when she was in her 60s. Remembering her mother’s health struggle, she decided to give the gift of mobility to help some-one else with significant health problems.

Cyndy’s sister Phyllis (and her husband Jon) are regular weekly volunteers building PET carts in Wheatfield, IN. So together they wrote a letter and sent photos to whoever would receive the gift in Jesus’ Name. TLC gave Lucky and his family the letter and photos, for which he was grateful.

Lucky’s reaction to his new ride? “Thank you very much to those who make these carts. I traveled many kilometers on my old PET.

LuckyMnisi2Lucky’s legs are thin and do not work. He said he has been this way since he was a child. He specu-lates it is because his mother was not able to immunize him against childhood diseases. For much of his life he “walked on his knees” on the ground. But not now — he has a PET!

He struggles to make a living for himself, his wife and four chil-dren. “I will do anything I can using my hands” he said. Currently he makes and sells floor polish.

Lucky’s gratitude to the PET DeMotte volunteers and donors was evident in his smile, and his enthusiasm for the new cart. He did add with a slight chuckle: “Maybe in the future when people in America make these they could fix a shelter over my head, like the top of a car—I ride many places in the rain.”

Then he and his daughters rode home, blessed with a new, better working PET cart.

——by Janet Tuinstra for TLC and PET DeMotte——


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