Arrived by Bus . . . . . . Left by PET


PET Ministries, Inc. Wheatfield, IN with
The Luke Commission, Compassionate Medicine Swaziland (in southern Africa)
June, 2015

Sifiso“I came by bus, but now I will drive my new car home,” said this 15-year-old Swazi who had just been fitted for a new PET cart at a Luke Commis-sion outreach in rural southern Swaziland.

“See, he’s used to that cart,” laughed a bystander as she watched Sifiso Shabalala moving quickly through the school grounds and out onto the country road.

Sifiso had received a Personal Energy Mobility cart in 2013 at a TLC outreach nearby, but the brakes were “finished,” explained the teenager, whose legs were short and misshapen.

He could walk a little, but not far and not too long. Sifiso told TLC staff that he was not born this way but had been told that he did not receive the childhood immunizations that would have prevented his handicap—it was a permanent condition.

“I liked my old cart, but it now has a big problem,” said Sifiso. “When I heard TLC was coming to the school, I knew I could not miss this day! I would ask them for another cart that worked better.”

Both Sifiso’s parents died within the last several years, his father in 2011 and his mother in 2013. He lives with his grandmother. Sifiso does have a brother.

The teenager is in grade 6 and hopes to go to high school in a couple of years. He said he has no friends, which is common for Swazi children with disabilities; often the disabled are viewed as disfavored by God. Someday he wants to be a policeman.

“Jesus gave you this cart, it was made by friends in America who love Jesus,” TLC explained to Sifiso.

“Yes, I know,” he smiled. “Jesus loves me and those people in America must love me, also.”

———Humbled by how God puts people and places together in His name to bless His children
everywhere, I am Janet Tuinstra (for The Luke Commission and the PET Mobility Project)

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