Would you like to be a philanthropist through PET? How?

PET MO-Columbia update 10-20-15

Are you a philanthropist? If not, would you like to be? At your funeral (or in your obituary) would you like it to be said that were a philanthropist?

The word “philanthropy” was taken from the two Greek words, “philo” – lover of, and “anthro” – mankind. So, philanthropists are lovers of humanity.

We can assume then that, strictly speaking:

  • If you send money to provide a PET, or part of a PET, to a leg-handicapped person –
  • If you give money for the Container or Sewing Projects –
  • If you give of your volunteer time to make parts for a PET –
  • If you volunteer to assemble PETs –
  • Or do office work –
  • Or speak about and promote PET –
  • Or donate sewing machines, or fabric, or sewing notions –
  • Or repair sewing machines –
  • Or volunteer to pack clothing –
  • Or donate tools, toys, shoes, walkers, crutches, etc.-
  • Or, yes, even donated clean milk jugs and cans –
  • Or in any other way give of yourself in a way that indicates you love humankind –

then you qualify as a philanthropist. And if you ask me to conduct your funeral service, I’ll say so. And thank you, posthumously.

(PET MO-Columbia and The Container Project are under the same non-profit
501c3 but operate with separate funding.)


“There are those that give with joy, and that joy is their reward.” –
Kahil Gibran

Mel West, Founder

PET MO-Columbia

1908 Heriford Rd.

Columbia, MO 65202

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