PET receipient Mwinyi Kombo interview via American Friends of Kenya

WP_20150830_11_37_48_ProOn behalf of the American friends of Kenya, Hatua likoni organization’s Resource center coordinator traced Mwinyi Kombo at his residence in Shelly beach Likoni for a brief interview on the impact of the pet cart donated to him. Here is the interview in full.

Evans: Mwinyi, good afternoon?

Mwinyi: Good afternoon to you, how is Hatua doing?

Evans: We are all doing well, receive greetings from my colleagues as well.

Mwinyi: Thanks Evans pass my regards to them as well when you go back to the office.

Evans: I will.

WP_20150830_11_32_24_ProEvans: I am here on behalf of our PET cart donors to get information on the PET cart, your usage ever since it was donated to you.

Mwinyi: you are most welcomed.

Evans: Thanks, How old are you.

Mwinyi: I am now 23 years old.

WP_20150830_11_32_10_ProEvans: Can you give us a brief history about yourself.

Mwinyi: Evans,I suffered from cerebral palsy when I was a little boy and that affected my mental and physical growth. I am glad I am doing well now although both legs got paralyzed. I am a strong believer of old adage, disability is not inability.

Evans: I agree and that brings me to my next question.

Mwinyi: Enhe

Evans: What are you doing at the moment in life.

Mwinyi: I dropped out of school when I was in class seven because of the challenges that I was facing at that time, especial the state of my mental health, at the moment I am sampling the variety of youth empowerment groups to see which one to join.

WP_20150830_11_31_53_ProEvans: That is good Mwinyi.

Evans: Tell me about the PET cart.

Mwinyi: It is the best thing that ever happened to me, believe me

Evans: Enhee

Mwinyi: I used to stay at home and could not move around, luckily a good Samaritan came and gave me a local Tri-cycle, it really improved my mobility but unfortunately it was not durable, it broke down and after several repairs and re-use it broke down completely taking me back to my days of dormancy.

Evans: That must have been very stressful

Mwinyi: Indeed it were, that’s why I appreciate Hatua and the AFK so much for donating to me this PET cart, they have literally cheered me up as you can see

Evans ….Hahaha (laughing).

Evans: Tell me how it has benefited you so far

Mwinyi: It has enabled me move freely to meet with members of the youth empowerment groups, I have attended several youth empowerment trainings all over Likoni because of this PET cart and learnt a lot of life skills, I have made a lot of new friends because I am no longer
restricted mobility wise.

Evans: Is there any differences in features you have noticed between the PET cart and he local tri-cycle in Kenya.

Mwinyi: Yes, the PET cart appears superior because of the reverse mechanism, seat is very
comfortable, a larger space to keep you luggage, a very effective brake and above all the safety measures that have been incorporated with the fixing of the seat belt, I have not used it for a long time but the machine appears very durable with admirable wheels.

Evans: Any challenges in usage ?

Mwinyi: To be sincere so far so good.

Evans: Do you have some thing to tell our donors?

Mwinyi: Yes, for our donors you are doing a great job, nothing can be compared to this, you product is fantastic and more importantly you have ensured it reaches the most disadvantaged members of the society the world over for free. I would like to thank everyone who is involved in this, May the almighty God give you back in abundance.

Evans: Thanks so much Mwinyi, it was a pleasure interviewing you.

Mwinyi: Thank you as well, please tell the donors we are grateful for their good gesture and we look forward for their continued help to other disadvantaged members of our society who need this product.

Evans: Thanks, I will ensure you message gets to them Mwinyi

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