PET recipient Fred Otieno Oluoch interview via American Friends of Kenya

WP_20151006_11_42_41_ProFollowing are excerpts of an interview carried out with Fred Otieno Oluoch, a beneficiary of one of the Adult PET carts on usage and impact of the PET cart.

Evans : Fred , Good morning? how are you doing?

Fred : Evans, I am ok and doing quite well.

Evans: We as Hatua Likoni organization are very interested in knowing how you are doing as far as the PET cart is concerned.

Fred: Evans as you now know, I am the secretary of South coast conveyors, I stay at Malindi estate in Likoni, some six kilometers from my office. Before I received this donation from you, I used to commute to and from home and that means spending over Ksh 120 daily, with this PET cart, it has been a success story, I use it as my mode of transport and has been able to save this money instead, a cool Ksh 3600 per month. The PET cart is quite unique compared to the local ones, the tyres are great no need for filling, an effective brake, reverse mechanism and technology used is simple even local technicians can assemble it and carry out repairs if need be. The seats are very comfortable and I like the safety measures taken like the availability of the seat belts.

WP_20151006_11_42_27_ProEvans: Any challenges faced so far while using the PET cart?

Fred: Yes, the PET cart has been great to me, although I have realized that the hand cycling part is small so for you to move fast you need to cycle several times, a distance you might have covered by a single cycle had the hand cycle been big enough.

Evans: So does that affect speed of the PET cart?

Fred: Yes, it definitely slows it down to a big extent.

Evans: Any message to the donors?

Fred: The PET cart has transformed our lives as it has given us mobility. We all know what impact mobility plays in the economic activities of any society.You have empowered us to be people who can stand to be counted in nation building.

Evans: Thank you very much Fred, it was a pleasure interviewing you.

Fred: Evans you are welcomed and inform the sponsors to keep on with this spirit, we are just among the first beneficiaries and we believe more will benefit from their great gesture.

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