Molinka Wangai grins with her Gift of Mobility


We recently went to the community of Chumvi, in rural eastern Kenya.

The PET Cart was given to Molinka Wangai, a mother of 3. We do not know exactly what happened to her but it seems to be a disability from birth. Her right leg is shriveled up, has no muscle tone at all. She is totally dependent on crutches.

2013 Summer 484 The joy and surprise in her eyes and everyone in the village was one of the key highlights of
our trip. The villagers gathered around her as she learned to drive the cart. It did take a few a minutes to adjust. Once she got going she never got out of the cart. She just kept driving around with a huge grin.

The interesting thing was to notice in the PET Cart she was elevated putting her a the same level as many of the people standing.

IMG_9243Everyone was very grateful and happy that Molinka had a better way of transport. We are sure it is more comfortable, with much less stress on her body and she can carry things in the lower shelf.

Mary Ann Stroup
Kenyan Health Care Initiatives

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