Scott Walters named Executive Director of the PET Mobility Project

Press Release PDF

L to R: Ibrahim Bangura, Von Driggs, Scott Walters (seated on PET #50,000), Jim Conn

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI, OCTOBER 6, 2015 – The Board of Trustees of Personal Energy Transportation (PET) International, Inc. have hired Scott Walters as its first full time professional Executive Director. The PET Mobility Project is a volunteer driven, faith-based organization that gives the gift of mobility, a PET cart, to leg-disabled people in developing countries. Jim Conn, Chairman of the Board of PET International, said, “Our Board of Trustees has determined that the time has come that we need a full time professional Executive Director to help us implement our strategic plan for growth. While the PET Mobility Project celebrated building and distributing its 50,000th PET cart this year ending a life of crawling for 50,000 people throughout the world, millions more await their gift of mobility.”

Scott Walters, of Alpharetta, Georgia, has served as a senior executive for several national and international organizations including the National Arthritis Foundation and the Medical Assistance Program. During his tenure he dramatically increased the scope and magnitude of their programs by substantially increasing revenues and program efficiencies. The personnel committee that unanimously recommended hiring Scott remarked that he was “head and shoulders more experienced and qualified than any of the applicants for the position.”

Scott will maintain an office in his residence in Georgia and will travel extensively in the United States and abroad. Scott will be working with the 24 certified Affiliates of PET International that build carts in the US. He will also travel abroad as the PET Mobility Project endeavors to establish more cart production and distribution facilities in the developing world patterned, in part, after the on-going operation at the United Methodist New Life Center in Kitwe, Zambia. The growth envisioned will help the PET Mobility Project realize its potential in the world.

One Reply to “Scott Walters named Executive Director of the PET Mobility Project”

  1. Hello, I just saw your announcement about Scott Walters and am very pleased that he was chosen for national director. I’d like to share the announcement on my Facebook page, but my screen is narrow and I can’t scroll down far enough to hit the “share” button. Any idea how I can fix this?

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