PET: You helped children in India and Jamaica

PET MO-Columbia update 10-6-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #1,131

India MI man delivers to 10 girl in Amalsad Feb2013Last Friday, Gary asked me to say a blessing over the #284 PETs (mostly child sized) that are now on their way to India. PET West MI
contributed #90 child PETs to the shipment. They are going to The Fellowship of Physically Handicapped (FPH) in Mumbai, and Gran Seva Trust in Kharei, near Gandevi. Eighty are going to disabled children around Navsan. Ishwar Naik is the man in MI who had the vision to help children in India. In 2012 he saw a news report on PET. In 2013 he  took one child size PET to Pyria (find her picture attached) on his trip to visit family and gathered names of more children in need of mobility. In 2014 he raised shipping funds with the dream of sending a full overseas container of PETs. It took over a year, but he finally
received the needed approvals to import duty free. 3 years after learning about PET, #284 PETs are on the way.


I am always pleased to get PETs to children before their muscles and
their spirits deteriorate too much. Many of these children were victims
of polio. Thanks to the benefits of Bill Gates, Rotary International,
and others, there are no new cases of polio anyplace in the world
except Pakistan and Afghanistan. Massive vaccinations still go on.


“There are many benefits to be derived from utilizing the PETs. The
PETs will allow the beneficiaries to go outdoors instead of always
being inside. They now can move around. As a result their self-esteem
will be boosted as they will be able to do things for themselves and so
creating some degree of independence. This is very integral to their
development as children with disabilities.

“Many of our parents simply cannot afford this kind of mobility. Some
cannot even afford a proper meal. It will help also to develop their
muscles as they use the PETs daily. This is a great gift. It is a
priceless gift that you have given to the children and their
guardians.” – Ms. Dorothy Daniels, Programmes Coordinator (See pages 5
& 6 of the attached 7 page report from Jamaica.)


“When science discovers the center of the universe, a lot of people will
be disappointed to find that they are not in it.” -Bernard Baily

Mel West


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