PET and Rotary International are connected thru polio

PET MO-Columbia update 9-21-15


Rotary International is a great partner with PET International. Polio is a
major cause for the need for PETs around the world, and Rotary has been a
leader in eradicating polio from the world – PERIOD! Rotary has invested
multiplied millions of dollars for vaccinations, working with such as the
Gates Foundation. Rotary clubs have also shipped many PETs from the USA to
overseas Rotary Clubs for their distribution. (See one past report from
Panama on Demetio that contracted polio as a young man and now has a PET.)

In the last issue of “The Rotarian” magazine K. R. Ravindran, President
of Rotary International wrote:

“Last month, after confirming a full year without a single case of
poliovirus, Nigeria was removed from the list of the world’s
polio-endemic countries. It was the last polio-endemic country in
Africa. Today, only two countries – Afghanistan and Pakistan – harbor
the world’s final reservoir of endemic poliovirus. At this time global
cases of polio in 2015 number only a few dozen.

” The scale of this achievement can hardly be overstated. Polio has
existed for a millennia; it has plagued humanity since our earliest
civilization. Today, because of Rotary’s work and that of our partners,
the end is in sight. We are counting down in years, not in months.

“And yet our success is as fragile as it is monumental. We are moving
forward, slowly, steadily. inexorably, thanks to colossal efforts that
never cease. We continue to vaccinate hundreds of millions of children
in a vast synchronized campaign. We constantly monitor environments to
prevent new outbreaks. The sheer scale of the effort — the
coordination, the cost, and the commitment, boggles the mind.”


In my speech before PET International at its meeting a year ago here in
Columbia, I challenged PET to join hands with others of like mind and
heart to enable every leg-handicapped person on this planet Earth to

On Oct. 24 of next month Rainbow Network, a wholistic mission to a
sizeable chunk of rural Nicaragua, will announce that the region is
entirely mobile. Working together, with PET MO-Columbia supplying
hundreds of PETs, standard wheelchairs, special wheelchairs, walkers,
crutches, and canes, the goal is being reached. Ramps are being built
and an educational process has begun to enhance the social acceptance
of leg-handicapped persons.

If it can be done in rural Nicaragua, it can be done anyplace in the
world. ALL THAT WE LACK IS THE WILL!! If it is to be, it is up to us!


“No matter how many points the Dow has dropped, or how high gas prices go,
we still live like kings and queens as compared to a lot of people in the
world.” -Anon.

Mel West

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