Those with no legs get on with PET mobility

PET MO-Columbia update 9-14-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #1,045

PET MO-Columbia is getting a bit of publicity these days, and it is
welcomed. A video-grapher is here now from The United Methodist Church
(national level) gathering materials for a promotional piece. Last week
a two page story about PET was featured in the Christian Science
Monitor. And within the hour a reporter from a local radio station is
to be here for an update interview.

In this week’s thank you letter for checks received, I focused on PETs
that go to individuals who have lost both legs and have had to face
life with that handicap. I have a very high regard for those who live
life with such a loss, and yet meet it with such a good spirit and
hope. Their appreciation for their PET is so heartwarming. Here are
some of their stories.

*** Binicio, in Nicaragua, lost both legs at the buttocks to a land mine
over 30 years ago. He has had to wear a colostomy bag since, costing $115
a month for refills. He received a PET two years ago and is high in his
praise for it. I correspond with Binicio.

*** In Honduras a PET went to a man born legless. A Dr. Raul from there
says the fellow is always cheerful and was thrilled to get his PET. He
also wrote that the man has no stump of a leg, so a prosthesis is out of
the question. (See attached report with pictures.)

*** The photo of our “poster man” is popular with us. He is from Viet Nam
and lost both legs at the buttocks in the war.

*** We have a photo of a man who was born with no legs, but has four feet
protruding from his buttocks, and a woman born the same but with two feet
protruding from her buttocks. Birth defects are so often mentioned as the
cause of a handicap.


“No person has ever been honored for what they received. Honor is our
reward for what we give.” President Calvin Coolidge

Mel West

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