Maasai boy from Ngoswani, Kenya receives the Gift of Mobility

Part 2Greetings from Ngoswani, Narok County, KENYA

I am attaching a photo of a Maasai boy who received a PET cart. The driver who brought him said he had a brother who needed an adult PET. He came today with his 45 year old brother who fell from a tree about 5 years ago and broke his lower back. This was during a severe drought and he was cutting leaves from a tree to keep his animals from starving. He has no use of his legs.

Today, he came in a broken wheel chair. He has a wound on his foot, caused by a sharp object on the broken wheel chair.

His name is Munke Ole Ntayia, 45 yo with 9 children and lives in Ololaimutia

Are there any adult PET’s not in use, in Kenya? This man needs one urgently. He lives nearly 80 Km (50 Miles) beyond Ngoswani, so is much farther in the bush.

Any information on a PET that is not in use would be very helpful.

Thank you very much.


P. O. BOX 906 0713-020-003
NAROK 20500

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