PET Volunteers dedicate their time and talents to help others

PET MO-Columbia update 9-7-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #977

It is Labor Day weekend as I write. I have just written my daily blog
for my Facebook page, using some quotes about labor. I found one that I
feel expresses so well what I have discovered working with volunteers
at PET. I have told many people that “Our PET shop and workplace is the
happiest place in town.” I really believe that and rejoice in it. When
visitors come they notice that and agree with that statement. One
visitor asked, “Is this place always that happy?”

William J. Bennett wrote, “Work is an effort applied toward some end.
The most satisfying work involves directing our efforts towards
achieving ends that we ourselves endorse as worthy expressions of our
talent and character.”

That is it! The character of our volunteers is that they are all of
“one heart,” a heart that calls them to give of themselves for those
who are less fortunate. And our volunteers come with many talents.

*** Our volunteer welders and metal workers are happy because the hot and
gritty work they are skilled to do enables someone far away to crawl up on
that piece of metal they shape and ride off in freedom.

*** Our woodworkers cut and shape with the knowledge that the PET rider
will appreciate a quality wheelchair.

*** Our assemblers and packers, and others, all work in the spirit of “Do
not hide your talents under a bushel…” and use them to send off a PET
which has been called “My Cadillac” by the recipient.”

*** Those who prepare sewing machines, pack clothing, work in the office,
load shipments, etc. all see this as an extension and exercise of their

And that is why we are the happiest place in town. We see what we do as a
“worthy expression of our talent and character.”


“It is not real work, unless you would rather be doing something else.” – M. Barrie

Mel West

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