Orphan Grain Train ships our PETs to 8 countries in last year

PET MO-Columbia update 9-1-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #989

Orphan Grain Train is a faith-based (Lutheran, but broadly ecumenical)
NGO and a long-time partner with PET. Their offices and warehouses are
in Norfolk, NE. In their last fiscal year they shipped #123 40′
Containers or 53′ trucks with mission items. They ship PETs and other
items for us. For your interest, I am listing the shipments they made
that included PETs:

*** 6/26/14 Haiti

*** 7/18/14 Moldova

*** 11/4/14 Latvia

*** 12/15/14 Republic of Georgia

*** 1/26/15 Nicaragua

*** 1/29/15 Moldova

*** 2/5/15 Haiti

*** 2/24/15 Philippines

*** 3/5/15 India

*** 3/24/15 Latvia

*** 4/21/15 Haiti

*** 4/28/15 Republic of Georgia

*** 5/26/15 Philippines

*** 5/27/15 Kenya

(See attached reports from OGT during our 7 year partnership. Mirtha lost
her legs after the earthquake in Haiti 2010. Dolosan Family sends thanks
from Chisinau, Moldova 2013. Kathy Maynard)


THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who have been bringing in school supplies, toys,
clothing, fabric, shoes, etc. for The Container Project shipment to
Nicaragua this fall. I try to write thank-you letters but often the items
are left with no markings as to donors. Please know we put all items to
good use, and they are needed and appreciated. Thanks, especially to that
person who drops off large quantities of new scissors and sewing items. We
are so very proud of our sewing machine project and those are a major

Each time we ship a PET, a sewing machine, or some other items, someone
far away, in great need, knows that someone someplace cares about them
and has gone out of their way to help them. That is a good feeling.
And it all happens because of volunteers – volunteer donors and
volunteer workers. Drop in any weekday from 8 to 3:30 and you will
agree that 1908 Heriford is the ‘HAPPIEST PLACE IN TOWN.”


“It is not enough to refuse to kill another person. We must take the
further step and refuse to hate them.” Martin Luther King

Mel West

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