PET MO-Columbia mental & visual tour

PET MO-Columbia update: 8-17-15
Built since 1-1-15 #915

Some folks have asked about our facilities here at PET MO-Columbia; and
since it is good for all to know about such, I will give you a tour. We
are fortunate to rent an 9,000 sq. ft. building in an accessible part of
town. It is a one story building with three unloading docks. One is
standard for commercial trucks. One is a porch the height of a pickup bed,
and the other is at ground level. We have two electric fork lifts and two
pallet jacks.

Our office is adequate, with desks for three persons. Gary, Executive
Director, and I each have one, and the other is for general use.

Bellinghausen Bob floorboards June 2010Our shop is about 2,300 square feet, and equipped with the quality tools needed. Our table/bench saw is the new safety kind that stops IMMEDIATELY when flesh touches it – SawStop. A large vacuum is attached to all tools to gather saw dust for better breathability by volunteers and overall cleaner environment. A paint room is in one corner for small parts.

The warehouse is 50′ x 80′ with some racks for double stacking pallets. (Heavy duty racks were donated by 2 different businesses.)

50,0000 Celebration visitors shop Apr 16 2015The eastern area is 50′ x 50′ and is dedicated mostly to “The Container Project” which includes the “Sewing Machine Project.” We gather used sewing machines, and they are rebuilt to just like new, then sent to
requesting NGOs. With each machine we put new scissors, measuring tape, oil, needles, extension cord, reading glasses and fabric. We send out about 350+ a year.

The Container Project receives used items (some new) needed in the developing world and ships them there via the ocean going containers. Much of what we gather and ship goes to the Rainbow Network in
Nicaragua. In that area we now have new school desks made by volunteers, about 60 gallons of good used tennis balls, clothing, bed linens, school supplies, hand tools, shoes, and medical supplies. Several people a day stop by to drop off good, clean, used items into
our collection boxes by the door.

We also produce and ship upon request the “mini-mart” that enables a
PET recipient to immediately became a person with income by selling
items such as drinks and food on the street. (See detailed description
and picture on our “PET Models” page of our website.

That is our story. I urge other PET Affiliates to expand their mission
beyond just the PETs. We here in the USA discard so many items that are
still like new, and are needed where our PETs go. The 2 missions (PET
and TCP) sometimes combine shipments to partners. In PET boxes are
only the PET, spare parts and tools for it. Other mission items would
be on other pallets in semis or boxes packed in an around PET boxes on
overseas containers if approved by the local government to be included.
The Container Project is part of PET’s 501c3, but has its own funding
and contributes to rent which is $2,750 monthly.

Stop in and see us here at 1908 Heriford Rd. M – F 8 am to 3 pm are
general hours. We are the happiest place in town.


“Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.” Albert Einstein

Mel West, Founder

mels 85th party 2May09(See some shop, office, and warehouse pictures attached. 3rd picture is of Mel giving a word in the office during his 85th birthday celebration. Yes, Mel is 91 now and going strong. Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator)


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