PET GIVING is Contagious!!

PET MO-Columbia  update 8-6-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 # 829


So – when a friend and supporter of PET wrote to say that he and his wife
would like to make a $25,000 donation to PET MO-Columbia, if and as it
were matched by the new or over-and-above giving of others, I knew we had
a winner.

Some have asked how the plan works. It is for real and works this way.
Kathy Maynard, our Business Manager, keeps complete records of all
donations. For the matching-grant plan she counts only donations that
are from new donors or beyond the normal giving of current individuals
or groups. If you normally give $100 a month, and send a check for
$200, then $100 of that will be matched by this special donor.

The donor wanted to give in $5,000 segments. When Kathy has received
$5,000 of new or over-and-above giving, she sends the donor a list of
amounts that qualified (not revealing names) and they send a $5,000
check. We have received one check from them, and another is on the way.

If it all comes in, and I trust our donors to do that, it will mean
that we will have received $50,000 extra this summer, and soon nearly
167 PETs (almost a container full) will be on the way to persons now
crawling upon the ground.

Current totals that qualified for the match are #48 gifts (with #14 of
those from new donors) = $14,071. (Below is the link for our online
giving avenue. You can also send gifts to PET MO-Columbia, 1908 Heriford
Rd., Columbia, MO 65202.)

Barbara and I wrote a generous check beyond our normal giving. As those
checks came in, I knew we should do our part; and we did.

Very few of us really sacrifice to give, or do without anything
life-giving to write our checks, so it sometimes takes that
encouragement offered by such as these special donors. GIVING IS
CONTAGIOUS!!! Here is your chance to double your money, and help some
folks far less fortunate than we.

Here are some quotes that speak truth:

*** “There is no joy in life greater than giving to a worthy cause.” – Ted Turner

*** “The habit of giving only enhances the desire of giving.” – Walt Whitman

*** “If we give only that which we do not need, we have done nothing.” Mother Teresa


“If we say we love God, and see the sister or brother in need, and have
the resources to help them, but do not, we are liars. How can we say we
love the Father, and neglect the family?” – 1 John 3:16f

Mel West
PET MO-Columbia Founder in 1994

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