Orphan Voice delivers PET mobility in Vietnam

From Tony Brewer, Director:

Mr. Ngo is 72 years old; he lost his legs in the war. For months after
his war was over, depression settled upon him, a depression that was
hard to escape. During the worst times, he begged his wife to leave
him, thinking that she would have a better life with another man or
alone. Her love for him was greater then his handicap, however. She
stayed. As a result, their life gradually returned to normal and they
even had children!

This video is of several men who recently received their PET cart. Mr.
Ngo is the one walking on his hands close to a red motorcycle.

The PET cart was Mr. Ngo’s first walking aid. He did not have a
wheelchair before this delivery.

You can see the difference that a little help makes!

Orphan Voice partners with CBN Worldreach and PET International to
provide carts to the disabled. As such, we incur storage, assembly and
transportation costs, and costs associated with screening applicants.

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