PET MO-Columbia update 7/28/15

PETs built since 1-1-15 #834


*** IT IS VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL TIME across the land, and there are
always a number of those groups who raise money for PET. We provide a
special kit with stories, photos and puzzles. Sometimes churches come here
and take back a PET for show and tell. Once in a while we are invited to
come ourselves with a PET.

Those events are helpful in several ways.

1. They teach children to begin to think about others. Habits start
early, and children who learn the joy of helping those less fortunate grow
up into caring adults.

2. They expand the world of the children. They learn about strange
sounding names of countries in far away places. I remember that as a child
in my home church I was fascinated by Africa and China.

3. They build the church family. Usually the children will bring
their coins, and then at the program some adults will stand up and match
that amount or exceed it. Those monies provide the GIFT OF MOBILITY AND
HOPE for those whom we serve.

Today’s e-mail brought the story that exemplifies what I wrote above.
Chris, from the Gold Junction United Methodist Church, wrote that their
VBS program’s mission for the week was “Pennies for PETs.” The children
brought coins all week with the hope of raising enough for one PET. They
donated $265 in coins. When the pastor explained that the following
Sunday, the congregation came up with additional dollars to total enough
for six PETs.

“The children were so excited when they heard that they had been the
catalyst for raising over $1,700,” wrote Chris. She has promoted PET
at her church & community events in AZ and raised funds for countless
PETs in 3 years. Thank you, Chris!

Could you help do the same in your area?

*** Staff opening at PET International for an Executive Director: We are
an Affiliate of PET International and would like to share their ad for a
new Executive Director. That position has been empty over recent months
with their board chairman covering various aspects. Please see attached
announcement. If you are interested or know of someone that might be
interested and qualified, please pass this along. They do not have an
office. Staff and board members work from their homes across the country
and use various communications methods including conference calls to
conduct business.

They hope to find and hire a qualified candidate in time to introduce that
person at the PET Annual Conference in Austin, TX on September 25 & 26.
See attached invitation. All are invited to register and participate. 7
of us from the Columbia area will be there to attend 16 planned workshops
including 3 Distribution Partner reports. 4 of us are also connected to
the PI board or staff. Kathy Maynard


“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you
do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holz

Mel West

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