PETs give mobility in Jamaica

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Gleaning for the World  gave a consignment of PET carts to Food for the Poor in Jamaica. Attached is a detailed report. From the overview:

Living with a disability in Jamaica can be demoralizing and have detrimental impacts on an individual’s mental health, self-esteem and confidence especially when there is no support from family or friends. One such disability is related mobility impairments caused from factors such as birth defects, disease & casualties. Thankfully, there are several organizations across the island that cater to the needs of this vulnerable group.

Food For The Poor (FFP) Jamaica, since its inception in 1983, has been partnering with agencies such as these to make the lives of those in the disabled community a more comfortable one. With the consistent, timely and meaningful contributions from our donors around the world, we can improve the health, economic, social and spiritual conditions of the most vulnerable.

It is against this background that we can positively declare that your recent donation of PET Carts made a significant difference to the agencies that cater to the disabled. This hand cranked wheelchair-like vehicle placed a smile on many faces as they received the gift of mobility. Administrators at these institutions have testified that the Pet Carts have enhanced the person’s ability to learn, interact with others, earn a living and participate in the community.

FFP Jamaica expresses sincere thanks to you, the Donors, who have given their time and resources to provide this gift of mobility and dignity to those in need.

No one can better explain the overall impact of the Pet Carts than those who directly benefited…their stories and appreciation are expressed below.

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