Paralyzed rug maker received PET in Zambia

PET MO-Columbia update 6-30-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #706

A PET story from GAiN, one of our distributors in Zambia:

Zambia GAiN Mission Network Paul pic June 2015Crawling along the side of the road, Paul was lucky he did not get hit by a passing truck or the car driven by John, the Cru National Director who partners with GAiN (Global Aid Network). He first saw Paul making his way
as best he could.

Paul was paralyzed from the waist down. He could not walk, ride a
bicycle or drive a car, so he was forced to crawl. But it is dangerous
to crawl along the roadside, and it is de-humanizing.

John stopped his car and asked if he could take Paul home. Driving him
to his 8×8 block house John was impressed by Paul’s skill as a rug
maker. Paul turned rags into brightly colored rugs and sold them to
support himself.

Thanks to our donors, John was able to give Paul a PET. It now gives
Paul mobility, plus a place for him to carry supplies and make
deliveries. Without a family of his own, Paul used to feel very alone.
Now, wheeling around in his PET he becomes sort of a “pied piper” to
local children. They follow Paul around and help him with his rug
making business. They love him and he loves them. He now has family.

Paul is just one of many whose lives have been transformed by PET. More
than 1.1 million Zambians have a family member who is leg handicapped;
so our job is huge. Thanks to our donors Paul has gone from crawling to
pedaling his way through the streets of Zambia. (Story taken from
Mission Network blog published by Ruth Kramer 6/10/15.)


*** Is life to be used for personal gratification, or does the universe ask for more?” – Anon.

Mel West


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