Legacy giving to PET story and trip opportunity

PET MO-Columbia update: 6-16-15 PETs built since 1-1-15 #632

An elderly friend of mine asked me, a few weeks ago, “Mel, as I look at
my age and my bank balance, I see that I will likely have money left
over when I die. What would you suggest I do with it?” I took him
materials on two of my favorite projects. Yesterday when I saw him at
Church, he told me he had done as I suggested and left a very generous
five-figure gift to one of the projects in his will. I could tell that
he had a very good feeling about what he had done. Upon his death
two-hundred and fifty disenfranchised and leg-handicapped persons will
arise from a life of pain, indignity, poverty and marginalization, and
into a life of pride, dignity, hope, comfort and productivity. Few
persons in their lifetime will make such an impact upon so many.

If you are past retirement age, you are going to be hearing more about
your legacy from me. Every moral, spiritual and ethical set of rules of
which I know asks us to be generous with those who are less fortunate,
and there is no better situation for that than when we write our will.

I often suggest a percentage of the “residual estate” as an amount –
5%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%. That assures that the person will have enough
to pay all final expenses without worry, and that the charity will
receive from the balance. If you do not have a will, you need one, at
any age. If you have a will, your lawyer can easily add an addendum for
a charitable gift.

There is a very important side-benefit to this. The deceased person
passes on their values to their family. It is more important to pass on
our values to our family than our valuables. The family of the
gentleman I mentioned will know his moral and ethical values.

I never suggest such things without having first done so myself.
Several years ago Barbara and I had written into our will percentage
gifts to our two favorite projects.

Try it! You will like it!
“Example is the best teacher. Moral improvement occurs most reliably when
the heart is warmed, when we come in contact with people we admire and
love and we consciously and unconsciously bend our lives to mimic theirs.”
– David Brooks
Mel West

Attached you will find a year end and Legacy giving brochure developed for
all PET sites to use. Our board members at PET MO-Columbia are working at
creating our own legacy brochure. If you have included PET in your will,
we would be very interested in knowing and will record that information.
We appreciate your support in all ways to help our leg handicapped
brothers and sisters around the world.
Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator

*** Guatemala distribution trip opportunity:
Barbara and Jeff Moran will be leading another PET cart distribution trip
to Guatemala, Feb 27 to March 6, 2016. These trips are a wonderful way to
experience the joy of giving PETs to people and to see their
life-transforming possibilities. If you are interested and want more info,
please contact Barbara and/or Jeff at scimusic@tranquility.net.

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