Woman in Malawi with PET now has new life and family

Malawi 2 yr old PET owner now.xxx married w baby June2015PET MO-Columbia update: 6-8-15
PETs built since 1-1-15 #604

There are over 50,000 stories about the impact of a PET upon an individual, their family and their community. Those stories are why we PET folks are so passionate about PET. Here is a story from Delbert
Groves, United Methodist missionary & director of the NEW Life Center which includes PET Zambia. They have been builders and distributors of PETs since we began. Over the years, PET MO-Columbia has sent them steel supplies or parts to build PETs, $ to pay for expensive fuel to transport/distribute PETs, and completed PETs. Share this story with your friends.

“While in Malawi a few weeks ago I met a young woman that is disabled. She
received her PET about two years ago. She told me, “I was disowned by my
family and village most of my life because of my disability.” It appeared
that she had polio. Then she received her PET and finally got out of her
corner of the village. She met a nice young man. They fell in love and got
married. She showed me her little baby boy. I will tell you, you never
know how that PET will change someone’s life. Every PET has a story.”
-Delbert Groves. (see her attached picture)

*** Upcoming shipments:
— June 15……… 14 pallets of PETs to AmeriCares based in CT.
— June 15……… 40 foot container of mission items to Rainbow
Network in Nicaragua from The Container Project.
— June 17……… 7 pallets of PETs to MedShare’s warehouse in CA.
“He who has a why to live for can bear most any how.” – Nietzsche
Mel West

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