PET IN – DeMotte: What an Incredible Day — THANK YOU, LORD!

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Good Friday morning to all!

My heart is bursting (in a good way) and I want to share with you the hard work and fun we had yesterday on June 4:

Thursday was a day when pre-planning, pre-staging, cooperation, heavy lifting, delightful breakfast foods and snacks, extra man power & towing power, and excited onlookers were all needed to accomplish the packing of our second 40 foot container heading to Swaziland, Africa. The biggest challenge was to position a 5′ x 8′ trailer near the opening of the container with it’s doors accessible for US Customs officials to check it’s load if they chose to do so in Newark, NJ. Thanks to Cheevers Towing, placing the trailer in the container truck was the easy part. But, do you know how hard it is after the trailer is in position to pass boxes to someone who is almost trapped in the front of the trailer so he can fill every crevice? Just ask Rob Schurman, Brent Womac, Jake Heerema, or Bob Gabrielse and they will tell you! It was really fun when the workers in the truck kept saying, “More boxes!” and the volunteers in the shop kept scurrying to find the ideal sized boxes to fill their requests! After our group picture, the driver pulled off the lot with his MSC trailer filled with 69 PET carts and over 700 boxes and items for The Luke Commission’s medical mission. The container was to be transferred to a railway car last night and then head to the Newark Harbor.

Everyone was tired — it had been 4.25 hrs. since our work began — but we were in for a WONDERFUL SURPRISE! As Bob was checking his smart phone for any messages, he discovered that only a few minutes earlier a message had come from Echo VanderWal in Swaziland. She had attached 4 pictures of the first recipient of one of our PET carts! This man had been given a PET cart several years ago but it was in disrepair. They were able to furnish him with a new one and his face shows his joy!

If you had been at the PET shop among all the volunteers huddled around that little phone with these brand new pictures, you would have also witnessed tears of joy and amazement on their faces. We were all so thrilled to see someone whose life was enriched because of this gift of a PET cart and it wasn’t just any PET cart — it was one that we had built, painted, assembled, packed, and loaded into a container just 2 months ago. It was a PET cart that you, our donors, had made possible through your generous giving. And best of all, it was God’s good timing to give us this blessing — this “paycheck” — immediately after we watched our second container leave us!

Our precious God loves to surprise us when we least expect it!

Sharing our joy with YOU!
Arla Gabrielse
for our PET Shop Volunteers

**I almost forgot — a BIG THANK YOU to all who were able to help us yesterday! Your commitment of time, muscles, and food was greatly needed and appreciated!**

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