May 25th 2015 Mobility distribution at Kenya Relief

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“Hello My friend.
Happy Sunday! I’m glad to share with you this Sunday morning
the LORD has given us.
On Wednesday, 25-5. Kenya Relief Org. and Rotary Club of suna
migori had a joint distribution of mobility devices to people
living with disabilities in migori county. People were very
happy as they receive Crutches and PET Casts. I’ve finished the
report. The distribution was as follows.
1. 30 Adult PET
2. 2 Pull PET
3. 1 Child PET
4. 45 Crutches
In total 78 mobility devices were distributed. The photos of
the day are with Carroll Pitts.
I thank Kenya Relief, Rotary club of suna migori, PET
International and Crutches 4 Africa for having heart for the
disabled people. God bless you all. Wish you happy Sunday.
Regards. Albert PWDS Mobilizer”

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