TLC Team cheers arrival of 82 PETs from IN-DeMotte

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From: Pet DeMotte
Sent: Saturday, May 30, 2015 9:21 AM
Subject: Our First PETs have Arrived in Swaziland! (Container #1 was packed on March 26, 2015)

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Early Friday morning Bob got a call from Echo VanderWal that our first container of PETs and other supplies for The Luke Commission (TLC) had arrived at their campus (They call it The Miracle Campus). There had been an unconfirmed message that the container had been broken into during transit but she said that when they received it the lock was still in place–all was fine. As Echo was talking to Bob he could hear lots of excited voices in the background. Echo explained that it was Payday Friday but the container needed to be unloaded before paychecks were handed out. She laughingly told Bob that everyone was excited, and working hard to get the job done quickly! The attached pictures share the story. The Luke Commission has both an Outreach Team and a Campus Team; the Campus Team does construction and maintenance on TLC’s campus and they also unpack and repack the trucks and trailers that go to targeted sites with the Outreach Team.

A short time after the container was unloaded, Bob received another phone call. This time Echo handed the phone to one of the Campus Team members who wanted to personally express thanks to Bob and our PET family for blessing them with PET carts and for being willing to handle their container cargo, and then he led the group in a prayer of thanksgiving and praise. Bob got choked up as he shared with me how much that touched him. It was followed by a rousing group cheer for PET DeMotte–from halfway around the world! Bob so wishes that we all could have heard it!

That container held 82 of our PET carts and about a 3 weeks ago as Bob and Echo were conversing, she shared that at one recent clinic setting they had 19 people that needed PETs or wheelchairs, so they added the PET people to their list for when the PETs came. These 82 carts will most likely only last them a few months. To remedy that, another container will be packed and shipped next Thursday, June 4, with more PETs and more TLC supplies! We have 96 more PETs waiting to ship and many pallets of TLC supplies so it will be fun shipping them off to where they are needed.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support and interest in our PET ministry. Our donors keep us going with their financial support as they sponsor the making of the PETs, and our volunteers are so faithful every week in using those funds to build them! The Luke Commission is our amazing partner that is using our PET carts to enhance their mobile clinic’s effectiveness in the lives of the disabled in Swaziland, Africa. You may learn more about this ministry on their website:

With gratitude to God,
Arla Gabrielse

PS. I also added pictures of Harry & Echo, their 6 children, and a young boy at one of their clinics.

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