PET cart used “all over town” in South Sudan

!cid_E17FD375-B5E8-4E97-A93E-5912706B774CMany greetings from the people of Old Fangak South Sudan,

I want to assure you that all your PETS are so valued.

Here is a story of one man. He has far advanced leprosy. His foot is really not able to bear weight and no surgeon has been able to help him.

The Alaska team modified crutches so for one side he used an elbow support as using crutches made such bad wounds on his hands. It is amazing how hard it can be without proper hands or feet.

Finally we got him interested in one of your PETS. It took about a week.

And now he is all over town, can go to church well (he is a church elder and was having trouble even getting to church on Sundays). He is so happy with his PET. I have a picture I’ve enclosed below. I believe you have other pictures of PETS in action from Old Fangak but if you need more please let me know.

Thanks so much for all those PETS. In all the fighting we’ve been lucky in our area, without roads… Our people are still using their PETs in the bush of Old Fangak


Doc from Old Fangak, South Sudan

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