Sunday School gives to build 8 PETs

PET MO-Columbia update 5-11-15

A Word of Praise for those Adult church school Classes:

Last Saturday I was invited to visit an adult church school class at a
local Seventh Day Adventist Church to “give a five minute update on PET
and receive a check.” The class of about 20 persons, mostly all
retired, handed me a check to build 8 PETs.

Uganda Mission Catalyst drives across bridge to school Feb2014One of the class members has a daughter who has a friend who works in an orphanage in Uganda. A little girl there is leg-handicapped, a connection was made, and we provided the PET that changed her life and started their desire to do more. A fellow named Steve is the enthusiastic promoter of PET in that group. (Attached is a picture that Mel thinks connects to this group. They delivered our PET, did reassembly, and built a bridge. The bridge was to help get her to school when the gully had water, which will also help the other children. Kathy)

In my work with missions I have been invited hundreds of times to visit
the adult class in churches of 50 to 500+, tell the story of missions,
and often receive that check. In general I have discovered this about

*** They are usually 12 to 30 in number, mostly of retired folks.

*** They often have a name, such as “Pairs and Spares”, the “Retiredees”,
“Fifty Plus,” or similar.

*** They come regularly, not so much for learning, but for fellowship and
mutual support.

*** They have known each other for years.

*** When one of them loses a spouse the widow(er) will remain in the class.

*** Class members will often fill most of the church leadership offices,
and give up to 2/3 of the budget.

*** The class is often the initiator for an outreach mission project for
the church, and will give most of the money.

*** Most raised their children in that church, and are puzzled by the loss
of children and youth from the church.

*** Some church walls will have a photo of that class taken 50 or more
years ago and show it to have been four or more times larger.


“One role of action more important that all the others consists in never
doing anything that someone else can do for you.” – Calvin Coolidge.” –

Mel West


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