PET Volunteers travel abroad to meet & assist those in need

PET MO-Columbia update 4-5-15 – PETs made since 1-1-15 #514

I was very favorably impressed by Rep. Elijah Cummings, of Baltimore,
when he was interviewed on CNN following the tragic protest events and
fires. He said at one point,” We must feel the pain, then find our
passion, and in that find our PURPOSE.” That and other comments he made
caused me to say to myself, “There’s a man I could follow, and would
like to know better.”

I have, in my years as a minister and humanitarian, observed that often
we do not want to see or feel the pain. As a rural pastor back in the
50’s we held worship services in nursing homes, singing songs they knew
and sharing a few words, hugs and best wishes. At one nursing home, the
Alzheimer’s patients were in a large upstairs room. When it came time
to go up and visit them, most of my folks refused to go. “I just don’t
want to see “that”., they said. Nursing home care in the 50’s was
rather primitive.

I’ve had folks who did not want to go overseas into the hard-core
poverty places, because they did not want to see it.

Here at PET I have observed that so many of the highly dedicated PET
volunteers and donors have been to a PET distribution and have seen the
pain of the recipients, and their joy upon receipt of a PET.

Fortunately, there are a good many folks who have the empathy and
compassion to “feel the pain” without having to see it first hand,
trusting in the reports and stories of others who have first hand seen
the pain.

PET folks feel the PAIN of the leg-handicapped. It has become our
PASSION, and in it we have found our PURPOSE.

I remember a fellow named Jesus who is reported in scriptures to, time
after time, see folks in pain, and have “compassion” for them, and in
that find His purpose, which becomes ours.


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you
plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Mel West

Guatemala dist PET volunteers HHI staff June2009[Attached is one example from a distribution trip in 2009 with our PET volunteers (mostly on back row) and Hope Haven International staff from their wheelchair factory. As of 2015, it represents some of our current
and past volunteers, board members and current Executive Director, Gary Moreau. Other trips have included our volunteers who live in other states (WA, AK, MN….) and join up with us. Kathy]

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