PETs sighted in Iringa, Tanzania

From Rev. Paul Harris from Easter Lutheran church in Eagan, MN, who has been doing missionary teaching of theology in Iringa, Tanzania, for 14 years:

!cid_X_MA1_1430450295@aolDear Friends,

When I was at Ilula for the inauguration of the Radio Furaha Repeater Station, I saw this man using a PET cart. He said it had made a great difference in his life and he wanted me to tell the donors that he was very grateful for the gift of the cart. He now has a small business he operates out of the back of his cart.

Yesterday coming back from the University I saw a man coming down a slight incline on a PET cart. He was letting it freewheel and the crank was really spinning. He was steering with the brake lever. Wish I could have got a video of that.

People at Neema said they now have a long backlog of requests for the carts. Ben Ray is planning a day of training on the use and repair of the cart and a celebration thanking God and the donors for making such a great difference in their lives.

Cheers and God bless from Iringa!


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