Point Hope Ghana thanks USNS Spearhead and Project Handclasp for delivery of 24 pallets of PET carts

From https://www.facebook.com/PointHopeGhana

Point Hope, Inc. and Point Hope Ghana would like to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to the crew of USNS Spearhead and to the staff of Project Handclasp who delivered 24 pallets of Personal Energy Transportation (PET) carts in partnership with PET International to benefit disabled and vulnerable people in Ghana, West Africa. Because of this opportunity to work with Project Handclasp and USNS Spearhead, 154 adults and 14 children will have the gift of mobility and a sustainable future of hope. Your professionalism and courtesy with our NGO during the planning and delivery was highly valued.

US Embassy Ghana's photo.

Tis the season when many in Ghana make time to give. How do you assist others or civil society organizations?

We were pleased that USNS Spearhead delivered wheelchairs & medical supplies during a recent visit to Ghanaian NGOs under the U.S. Navy’s Project Handclasp program. http://goo.gl/lsct2l

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