Nepal will need many PETs after the earthquake due to amputations

PET MO-Columbia update 4-27-15 PETs built since 1-1-15 #482

The big news today is the earthquake in Nepal, the thousands killed,
and the tens of thousands injured. Habitat has announced a major
response, as has World vision. Other NGO’s will be on site with a
generous humanitarian response.The Nepalese are a gentle and wonderful
people. As a part of our human family, they need our generous response.

My file on Nepal tells me that in 2007 Walt Hays and the Lions clubs
of Alaska and Nepal began correspondence about a shipment of PETs to
Kathmandu, Nepal. About 100 PETs went in that shipment. My country
file contains a number of photos of them in use.

However, a puzzle. I have a photo of a man on a PET with a Hope Haven
International poster beside it, with Nepal in big letters. So I presume
HHI sent some PETs over with wheelchairs. The computer put the date of
5/31-2001 on it. The photos show a high percentage of polio victims.

It is not my decision any more, but I suggest that PET International
get in touch with Lions International and begin planning for a major shipment
of PETs, along with whatever else we can include. We will need to
solicit funds for shipping. That should be no problem.

What will be PETs response to the humanitarian crisis in Nepal? Let’s
make it worthy of our reputation.


“I have been impressed by the urgency of doing. Knowledge is not enough;
we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do.” – Leonardo de

– Mel West

From Kathy Maynard

I’m also staff for PET International and their leaders receive our
Columbia weekly Update and will see Mel’s suggestion. Between an email PI
received and a mention on The Weather Channel, we know that at least 2 of
our current distribution partners are working to assist in Nepal after the
earthquake. See attached PI report file from 2010, referenced by Mel. As
you can see, Nepal had many in need of PET mobility before the earthquake.
First NGOs (non-governmental organizations) will be busy with safe water,
food, shelter and medical needs. PETs can follow.

After the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, many more PETs went in thru
various partners to assist those that had amputations because of falling
buildings and such (see attached Haiti file). Patrick Jean received a
Columbia made PET. The need will probably be the same in Nepal. PI and
PET MO-Columbia will be working on distribution avenues to help. Please
also send us contacts of groups/missionaries that youâ?Tve talked with
that will be assisting and would like to talk with us on how we can
includes PETs in their work.

Patrick Jean on his new PET May2012Patrick Jean next to his new PET May2012

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