50,000th PET celebration and Legacy Group’s support in KS

PET MO-Columbia update 4-21-15 PETs built since 1-1-15 #454

A group of four men from Legacy Group in Overland Park, Kansas, came in
today with their usual donation of cut lumber for about 30 child/small
crank PETs. The group buys the lumber from us, takes it back, cuts out
the parts, and delivers them back again. They have done this for two

As they left I asked them to use their imagination when they drove onto
I-70 to return home. IMAGINE that in the right hand lane from here
until exit 75 (50 miles) there is a steady row of PETs, almost bumper
to bumper. On the PETs are drivers of different colors, races, faith
groups, ages, sexes — from 100 different countries, and with a great
variety of disabilities. Some stepped on land mines or were injured in
a war. Others suffered from birth defects, or had leprosy, diabetes or
polio. (See attached list of reasons.)

Some have suffered the indignities of their disability for 40 or more
years, sometimes crawling upon the ground as beggars. Others have been
cussed at, spat upon, or isolated in back rooms.

But now they ride in dignity with heads held high and a smile on their
face. As you pass by, they wave and say a big “Thank You!” in their

Fifty miles of them, 50,000 PETs, at 1,000 PETs a mile.

And now imagine that their families and friends are there with them,
thanking you. The PET is not just beneficial to the rider, but also to
the family and community. It is a gift of love and hope.


The seven deadly social sins:

*Politics without principle.

*Wealth without work.

* Commerce without morality.

* Pleasure without conscience.

* Education without character.

* Science without humanity.

* Worship without sacrifice.

** Ganobi

Mel West

*** Ribbon cutting event with the Chamber of Commerce to Celebrate the
50,000th PET built thru all the PETs shops over the last 20 years: Last
Thursday many volunteers and visitors gathered at our shop. See attached
pictures of Gary Moreau, Executive Director, and Mel West, founder,
cutting the ribbon of the 50,000th. Also an address was made by Gary and
Mel, volunteers demonstrated assembly, and all enjoyed refreshments. Many
helped put on the event: Marge and Barb coordinated refreshments; Sarah,
Gary, Barb and others worked on publicity and invitations, those who
contributed to building the special PET, and many more. Thank you!! This
PET was especially built and decorated for celebration over the course of
2015. Help us share it and the story of PET and those who need it. Kathy
Maynard, Business Administrator

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