The gift of Mobility reaches Mr. Ssentongo in Uganda

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From GAIN International:

While visiting our ministry partner in Uganda last month, we were privileged to meet Ssentongo, a man disabled by cerebral malaria and no longer able to walk or stand. For the past several years, he got around by crawling, using discarded shoes to protect his hands.

Thankfully, our GAIN International shipment contained several PET (Personal Energy Transportation) carts, designed to help disabled people traverse the rugged pathways so common in developing countries. After a few minutes of instruction, Ssentongo was pedaling around and smiling. “Before, I used to crawl on my hands and when it rained, I would be stained with mud. Sometimes, I would be injured but now, I will be able to work more vigorously!”

The local paper heard about Ssentongo and published his story here:

We are grateful to have wonderful partner organizations like PET International and Life Ministry Uganda. Together, we’re expressing the love of Jesus Christ by relieving suffering and restoring dignity.

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